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Japanese Mirror-surface EDMs
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  • ■ Characteristics of equipments & machining ability:

    ◎ High speed,high efficiency.low weariness& cost-effieient

    ◎ ◎Super accurate sunface.high minor-surface.u-class machining:General EDM machining will produce deep roughness pinholes.super accurate surface machining R(roughness)can reachO.35.minor-surface EDM can be 2 to 5

    ◎ Super accurate side comer deaning:ln connecting component accurate molds,the demand to small round diameter is getting higher &higher.Small round comers of 0.01 mm can be machined by super accurate siding machining.Comer deaning can be under 0.03mm

    ◎ High efficient machining:Spindle tool lifting speed can be either bigger than orequals to 6m/min.High speed tool lifting can make erosion stuffs of EDMmachining effectivety removed.achieve high- efficient stable EDM machining.

Label: EDMs Japanese Mirror-surface
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